Drone Surveying

Because Real Time Matters


Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company’s Survey Department includes multiple FAA certified drone pilots. Our team has state-of-the-art drone survey equipment for all of your planning needs.

Drone surveying has many advantages for our clients. There is an increased amount of data collected with fewer return trips to the site. This is cost effective due to the decreased amount of time that our field crew spends on site. Having an aerial view of each project is also beneficial because it allows our survey team to zoom in on areas of concern.

We are registered as a Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying Firm and offer surveying services out of our Fort Worth, Frisco, and Austin offices. (TBPLS Firm #10177700, #10194468, and #10194108) Our drone pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for small unmanned aircraft systems and meet all insurance requirements.



  • Due Diligence & Planning – Review of real-time site conditions as opposed to Google Earth
  • Overlay Plans – Overlay 2D or 3D plans, models, utilities, etc. onto actual georeferenced photo
  • Construction Monitoring – See weekly, monthly progress of construction sites
  • As-builts – Prepare final as-builts including hard surfaces and volumes
  • Georeferenced Aerial Photos – Aerial photos are located accurately by x, y and z coordinates
  • 3D Video Fly Through – Realistic fly through of site before and after
  • Lidar – See what surface looks like under trees and brush
  • Inspections – Inspect up close power lines, bridges, waterways, reclamation areas, etc.