Azle ISD – Walnut Creek Elementary

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Azle, Texas
VLK Architects
82,000 SF school on 15 acres
Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company was the civil engineer for the new 82,000-square-foot elementary school located on 15 acres adjacent to Azle High School. The relocation of the 60-year-old K-4th grade campus away from Hwy 730 increases student safety and improves neighborhood traffic.
After joining the project team, Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company conducted a delineation of an existing stream that had not been accounted for during the feasibility phase. Our planners, engineers, and environmental scientists then worked with the architect and owner to revise the site layout to minimize impacts, saving the client time and money. Site grading accommodated both the natural stream and an existing gas pipeline in close proximity to the building.
Our civil engineering design included demolition and site design (paving, storm drain, grading, utilities). In addition, our survey staff provided easement preparation and topographic verification for the site, and our landscape architects schematically designed more than 4,500 linear feet of off-site pedestrian sidewalks, linking the school to nearby parks and existing school amenities.
GAIN GROUND: Our multi-disciplined approach and proactive effort saved Azle ISD over $400K in fees to purchase mitigation bank credits to offset potential impacts and avoided months of permitting delays. In addition to the cost-savings, the preservation of the creek and the resulting site layout and design are aesthetically pleasing and interesting.