Upper Whites Branch Stream Restoration – Bluestem Park

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North Fort Worth, Texas
Hillwood Development Company
2,500 linear foot stream restoration
For this project, Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company assembled an extensive interdisciplinary team that included engineers, hydrologists, wildlife biologists, landscape architects, planners, rangeland ecologists, and arborists. Awarded as a Top Project by Storm Water Solutions and Certified by Texan By Nature, the project includes a 2,500-linear foot portion of the upper reach of Whites Branch, an ephemeral stream on the Fort Worth prairie. The stream restoration area provides a unique, safe, sustainable, and usable green/open space, including a hike-and-bike trail, within this rapidly developing community in the North Fort Worth/AllianceTexas corridor. Our environmental scientists coordinated with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) to acquire necessary Section 404 permitting, and our hydrologists designed the stream and adjacent floodplain to closely mimic a natural headwaters stream system. The channel was sized to convey fully-developed discharges. Six stone “riffle” grade control structures which provide gradient control and energy dissipation, were constructed from boulders quarried from the site to blend in to the surrounding native vegetation. Stacked boulders were used as bank reinforcement in bends and critical areas to reduce erosion. Storm drain outfalls from the adjacent pad sites were located to discharge onto the riffle structures and oriented in the direction of flow to prevent bank and streambed erosion. The design also includes a CON/SPAN® arch bridge sized to allow for pedestrian and bicycle passage under Amador Drive, three pedestrian bridge crossings, and an active grassland planting plan. Prior to constructing the stream improvements, Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company prepared a dam breach analysis of an existing dam, prepared dam removal construction plans, acquired Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approval, and provided field observation and construction assistance for the removal of the dam.
    • 14-acre restoration corridor
    • Green/open space designed to mimic natural system
    • USACE coordination/Section 404 permitting
    • CON/SPAN® arch bridge
    • Dam breach analysis/dam removal
    Photo Credit: Hillwood Properties, Bruce Maxwell