Preston Hills

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Frisco, Texas
85 acres
This 199-lot residential development consists of a mix of patio homes constructed on 84 acres in north Frisco. The project required extensive coordination with the on-going design of three adjacent developments for water, sanitary sewer, street connections, and flood plain reclamation. TxDOT approval was required for a right turn access lane on Preston Road. A detailed drainage analysis modeled two roadway crossings and allowed for reclamation of substantial developable acreage.
Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company also designed 2,400 linear feet of 30” offsite waterline in adjacent Rockhill Parkway, which was built by the developer simultaneously with the City funded widening of the Parkway from 2 lanes to a 4-lane divided thoroughfare. A secondary point of access roadway was also designed to serve Preston Hills and an adjacent multi-family parcel under construction.
Multiple crossings of an existing high pressure gas line easement were approved prior to start of construction. During construction, the ownership of the line was transferred and the new owner required additional cover over the gas line. Extensive coordination and redesign was undertaken by our team to raise grades on adjacent roads and lots to accommodate the increased cover requirements.
Our environmental staff conducted a delineation of waters of the U.S., reviewed on-site habitats for threatened and endangered species, conducted a vegetation assessment, and coordinated with project engineers to avoid impacts to waters of the U.S. through strategic land planning efforts.