North Riverside Drive Reconstruction

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Fort Worth, Texas
City of Fort Worth and Hillwood Development Company
5,700 LF of arterial roadway, utilities, drainage
The North Riverside Drive project included the phased reconstruction of a two-lane asphalt into a four-lane divided concrete road from Dalton Street to North Tarrant Parkway (5,700 LF). The project included the reconstruction of the high-traffic volume intersection at North Tarrant Parkway, a roundabout at Shiver Road, and 3,300 LF of 16-inch waterline. The City’s Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) classifies North Riverside Drive as a Neighborhood Connector (four-lane divided) and North Tarrant Parkway as a Commercial Connector (six-lane divided).
The enhancements to this busy corridor include a ten-foot-wide concrete multi-purpose trail on both sides of the roadway, incorporating better public access for parks and trails. The new configuration improves mobility for auto and bus route traffic while providing increased access and safety for bicyclists (with dedicated bike lanes) and pedestrian traffic from adjoining residential neighborhoods.
Services included program planning, surveying, civil design of roadway and utilities, traffic operational analysis, data collection, right-of-way documentation, delineation of waters of the U.S., drainage analysis and storm drainage design, and the hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of Whites Branch (culvert crossings, LOMR, FEMA coordination and approval), which runs parallel to the roadway.
  • Arterial roadway with roundabout
  • Drainage improvements
  • Public-private partnership