Legacy Drive (Honey Creek Way to Carey Rd.)

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Celina, Texas
City of Celina
6-lane Major Arterial
Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company performed the design and permitting services for approximately 3,250 linear feet of the two eastern lanes of a designed 6-lane divided major arterial from proposed Honey Creek Way to Carey Road, crossing over Doe Branch. The project included the design of the intersection at Carey Road (collector) and modifications to existing medians. Our team provided paving, grading, drainage including upgrades to existing stormwater culverts and new storm drain infrastructure (considering future development), and the coordination of a 550-linear-foot bridge design with a concrete trail beneath.
A study of Doe Branch was performed by our hydrologists to size the bridge and channel to convey the 1% annual storm event. A Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) was prepared and approved by FEMA to document the mapping revision to the floodplain and prove there was no rise in the 1% annual chance storm event. Approximately 1/3 of an acre of impacted wetlands was identified, placing the project under the Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit 14 (USACE NWP 14). This avoided the lengthy process of obtaining an individual permit (required above 0.5 acres). As part of the permit approval process, Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company worked with the Texas Historical Commission to acquire antiquities permits for the surveying of historical and archaeological properties within the project limits.