City of Lavon Parks & Recreation Master Plan

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City of Lavon, Texas
4,469 (2020 Census Bureau)
The City of Lavon is poised for significant growth and is focused on placemaking for quality of life, economic development, and fiscal vitality. Our professional planners were engaged by the City to create a Parks and Recreation Master Plan to establish a vision and to guide the necessary actions to support its success with a planning horizon of 10 years.
Parks and Recreation System Vision The creation of the Plan was guided by the community through outreach designed to encourage collaboration and gather important feedback from all stakeholders. The results revealed the community’s strong desire for additional parks, trails, and programming as a major opportunity for the future of the City of Lavon. The resulting Parks and Recreation System Vision includes capitalizing on proximity to Lavon Lake; prioritizing a large, regional park; providing greenbelts with trails within a quarter mile of each home; and adding amenity centers and neighborhood parks within existing and new master-planned communities.
Mapping the Vision Our team studied a planning area that includes the city limits, the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), and additional land area designated as Potential Future Lavon, which includes a significant amount of land containing natural areas. Maps were created to reflect the Vision and to individually analyze the inventory and level of service (LOS) of parks and trails within the planning area by mapping existing and proposed assets and their surrounding quarter-mile service and utilization buffer zones. This revealed areas with service needs and resulted in a list of Action Items to achieve the community’s Vision.
Action Items Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company created the list of Action Items to help the City formulate and prioritize implementation in short-, mid-, and long-term time horizons. Each item included a low-, mid-, or high-cost designation to further clarify a path forward.
The Action Items include revising zoning and subdivision ordinances to require public park and trail dedication, requiring 20% of gross acreage as useable parks and open space in each new master-planned community, funding a large community park, hiring a Parks and Recreation Coordinator, adopting a complete streets policy, partnering with community schools to enter into joint-use agreements, creating spaces for teenager gathering and activities, and providing programming and activities for seniors.
Implementation and Monitoring Adopted in 2022, the Park and Recreation Master Plan will guide future acquisition and development of parks and trails within the City. Funding sources could include public-private partnerships, municipal bonds, grant funding, and sponsorship programs. Key partners in the implementation and success of the plan include not only the community and City staff, but also developers, adjacent cities, Collin County, TxDOT, USACE, and TPWD.