Intermodal Parkway with Bridge

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Fort Worth & Haslet, Texas
PPP with City of Fort Worth/Tarrant County/Hillwood
2 miles of arterial roadway
This 4-lane divided arterial crosses the Haslet/Fort Worth city line and required coordination with both entities. The roadway is considered a heavy-load corridor as it services multiple industrial facilities which requires a thicker concrete roadway section (up to 16” thick per geotechnical recommendations).
On the Haslet side of the project, Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company provided infrastructure design and surveying for 5,400 linear feet of the two northbound lanes of the divided arterial including a 330-linear-foot bridge over Henrietta Creek. The design also included storm drainage, intersection design and signalization at the intersection of Westport Parkway, and extensive coordination of franchise utilities.
On the Fort Worth portion, our team provided infrastructure design and surveying for the proposed improvements to approximately 5,200 linear feet of Intermodal Parkway from the intersection of Old FM 156 to the BNSF Intermodal facility. This includes the design of the 4-lane divided arterial with intersection improvements at FM 156, storm drainage, water, and sanitary sewer. For this route, the City’s Master Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) was updated to a 6-lane divided arterial with an increase from a 120-foot ROW to a 130-foot ROW. Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company worked on a variance to the MTP that allows for the future expansion to 6 lanes within the existing 120-foot ROW, effectively saving the City the cost of additional 10 feet of ROW acquisition.
Photos courtesy of Hillwood Properties