Hawthorne Meadows Storm Drainage

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Fort Worth, Texas
DR Horton
The Hawthorne Meadows residential development is a phased 92-acre project with 324 single-family homes and an amenity center. Our hydrologists prepared a major flood study to analyze approximately 3,700 linear feet of BFC-4A, a tributary to Big Fossil Creek which traverses the site from northeast to southwest, and its tributary on the west side of the site. The effects of increased runoff from the development were mitigated by on-site stream channel modifications, including cut and fill which removed two existing ponds that did not provide useful detention storage.
These modifications were significant along the stream and resulted in a shifted stream centerline through the project. An existing undersized culvert crossing on the north end, under East Bonds Ranch Road, was replaced with larger reinforced concrete box culverts. Additionally, two internal residential street crossings required box culvert designs to adequately handle the 100-year storm event through the development. A LOMR was prepared by our team (requiring coordination and tie-in with downstream development) and was approved by FEMA. The civil engineering design of roadway, grading, erosion control, storm drainage, water, and sewer for the residential project was also completed.