City of Gunter Downtown Master Plan

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City of Gunter, Texas
2060 (2020 Census Bureau)
The City of Gunter’s first Downtown Master Plan (DTMP) was adopted in early 2022 after extensive collaboration with residents and community stakeholders. Our planners and other members of the consultant team shaped the creation of the Plan with a vision for the future of Downtown Gunter which capitalizes on the City’s inevitable continued growth, without altering its downtown history and charm.
Community Engagement The planning process emphasized community engagement to examine existing conditions, identify opportunities, and produce recommendations. This included public workshops, an Engagement Day/Community Market event, social media, and the website which was developed for this project. This public input led to a formal Vision Statement crafted by the community.
Design Framework Five distinct Character Areas including their geographic boundaries and existing character traits were identified by the planning team. These areas provide a framework for integrating residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational uses into Downtown Gunter in a way that is sensitive to noise, aesthetic, and compatibility considerations, while also considering mobility and connectivity. This framework will guide future standards, development, and investments in Downtown.
Placemaking The process for shaping quality public space that harnesses the ideas and assets of the people who use it is an important part of the DTMP. This involves creating an identity that addresses architectural styles, historic preservation, connected infrastructure, and competitive positioning, and then communicating this identity to the public through branding. Gunter’s success in a competitive regional marketplace depends on a strong Downtown with a unique brand and offerings that make it an exciting destination.
Implementation Our planners identified keys to successful implementation including proactive regulatory adjustments such as zoning, partnerships and funding to support the vision, and management and administration enhancements as the City evolves and develops. Prioritization is needed to focus energy on the right elements at the right time and action items and a list of Top 10 Catalyst Projects were created.
The adopted DTMP complements the City’s existing Strategic and Comprehensive Plans and contains a vision for how Downtown should develop and evolve to meet community needs and contribute to the City’s economic position.