Grand Prairie Concrete Channel & Flume Assessment

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City of Grand Prairie, Texas
Our team was contracted by the City of Grand Prairie to provide a comprehensive assessment and analysis directed towards establishing a maintenance and rehabilitation program for existing concrete channel and flume systems. The project developed a ranking system of concrete defects to support an improvement prioritization plan for existing channels and flumes currently maintained by the City. Concrete defects within individual systems present potential safety concerns and flooding risks and can impact overall design effectiveness.
This assessment project provided recommendations derived from field reconnaissance, data collection, and detailed analyses. It included the collection of approximately 3,800 data points of identified concrete defects which were spatially located and digitally recorded using a handheld Trimble GPS unit with sub-meter accuracy. Data was collected for 277 concrete channel and flume systems in six study areas covering more than 20 linear miles.
Each data point represents a primary concrete defect type per the ASTM Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Manual and is scored on a 100-point scale based on weighting factors of four main categories: safety, severity, concrete defect type, and area affected. These defect scores were then aggregated to produce a comprehensive prioritization ranking of each concrete channel and flume system. Supporting materials such as City GIS data, an interactive webmap, photographs, exhibits, and tables are included in the report.
The information provided includes cost estimates and a prioritization schedule to reveal short-, immediate-, and long-term improvement recommendations. Results from this project will be used by the City to guide selection of planning, budgeting, and future rehabilitation and maintenance projects.