Basswood Blvd. Including Arterial Roundabouts

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Fort Worth, Texas
City of Fort Worth & DR Horton
5,000 LF of arterial and roundabouts
Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company provided civil engineering design, surveying, and project management for approximately 5,000 linear feet of a 4-lane divided arterial section of Basswood Boulevard in north Fort Worth, including two roundabout intersections. Services included all design and procurement efforts, preliminary engineering reports, platting, construction documents, technical specifications, TxDOT permitting, and City and franchise utility relocations.
The two roundabouts on Basswood Boulevard include one at Horseman Road and one at Robert Downing Boulevard. Each is a 3-leg, 2-lane roundabout. The roundabouts each service a 4-lane by 4-lane arterial intersection, and at Horseman Road the roundabout was a retrofit of an existing T-intersection.
Our team provided surveying, project management, construction administration, public bidding services, and project cost estimating for the entire project. In support of this project, our environmental department conducted preliminary environmental planning, coordinated USACE Section 404 and FEMA permitting, and assisted in securing mitigation bank credits for the project. Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company worked with a subconsultant to provide the structural design for a 420-foot TxDOT standard bridge over Fossil Creek. Our team assisted the City in the redesign of the “standard section” for bridges within the City of Fort Worth. The project was a public/private partnership between the City of Fort Worth and a private developer, and the surrounding residential development includes an elementary school site, linear trails, and public parks.