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North Fort Worth, Texas
Hillwood Development Company
2 million square feet; 80+ acre site
Alliance Center North 1 and 2, home to LG Electronics and Walmart, are two large industrial buildings (each more than 1 million square feet) on adjacent sites occupying more than 80 acres in the 870-acre Alliance Center North development. Each site contains distribution center buildings, employee parking, truck courts, trailer storage areas, and ample landscaping. Combined truck/trailer and auto parking total 515 and 431 spaces, respectively. Peloton provided entitlement, surveying, planning, site design, and engineering services for the two sites, as well as off-site infrastructure necessary to serve the sites. The project also involved the abandonment of 6,000 linear feet of existing county road, and the design of a temporary roadway to maintain traffic flow through the area. Peloton engineers modeled the subsurface conveyance and connected above-ground detention and conveyance systems to handle large runoff volumes. This challenging drainage design ultimately provided a cost savings on drainage infrastructure. The 870-acre Alliance Center North development is situated at the confluence of Henrietta and Elizabeth Creeks, and the two major streams combine to drain more than 90 square miles of watershed. Peloton evaluated reclamation scenarios to recover developable land without causing impacts to adjacent or downstream properties. In addition, a hydraulic analysis of this area was performed for use in the planning of a future park. Peloton was also responsible for onsite drainage of the development, new channels and storm drain networks, and a downstream assessment.
  • Two industrial buildings
  • More than 1 million square feet each
  • Cost-saving drainage infrastructure design
  • Hydraulic analysis
Photo Credit: Hillwood Properties