ACW LOMR – Airside Haslet Flood Study and LOMR

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ACW LOMR - Airside Haslet Flood Study and LOMR

City of Haslet, Texas
Peloton Land Solutions, a Westwood company prepared a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for Stream HEN-1, a tributary to Henrietta Creek that runs along the western side of Alliance Airport. The stream was channelized and relocated in the late 1990’s but is still shown in its original location with its original floodplain on the current FEMA map. Our crews performed a topographic survey of the relocated channel and Tradewind Drive culvert crossing, and this data was used to update the effective hydraulic model of Stream HEN-1 to reflect current conditions. Floodplain and floodway models were revised and re-mapped using the current effective hydrology. The submittal was reviewed by the City of Haslet and is currently under review at FEMA. When approved, the LOMR will remove the floodplain from developed and developable areas of the airport and accurately reflect current conditions of the stream.