Top Planning, Design, and Development Websites

View Planetizen’s annual list recognizing 10 websites as some of the best resources for urban planning, design, and development. This year’s list highlights sites that allow interactive street design, use crowd-sourced public

Fort Worth’s New Thoroughfare Plan Aims for More Variety in Street Design

Fort Worth is launching a review of its master thoroughfare plan, aiming to broaden the kinds of streets in its arsenal, accommodate more multi-mode transportation like buses, trains, and bike

Concrete-Eating Robots?

While the design currently remains only a concept, a Swedish student’s concrete-eating robot project won the 2013 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) in the Student Designs category. Building demolition demands a lot of

Stonehenge Revealed Through LiDAR

The image above is an extract from a 3D animation of the Stonehenge landscape, created from LiDAR (Light Distance And Ranging) data which is produced by attaching a 3D laser

Concrete That Can Heal Itself?

Under the right conditions, concrete decays with alarming speed. One tiny crack can quickly become larger due to the freezing and thawing action of infiltrated water. Researchers around the world

Which of These Would You Have Wanted to Work On?

Check out this infographic of the World’s Most Amazing Construction Projects:

Concrete Gets Attention

On Earth Day 2013, we take a look at concrete, the single most widely used material in the world- with a carbon footprint to match. The world uses nearly 7

Martian Landscape in Four Billion Pixels

Click on the image above to view a massive, interactive image composition created from several days of captures by the Mars Curiosity rover. Astounding level of detail. You could spend

Our Favorite April Fool’s Joke 2013

(although Gmail Blue is pretty funny too.)

Concrete ≠  Cement

It drives civil engineers crazy to hear the terms “cement” and “concrete” used interchangeably. Cement is actually an ingredient of concrete. Concrete is basically a mixture of aggregates and paste.